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Chemosensitivity of murine renal carcinoma


A non-endocrine dependent, spontaneous carcinoma of the kidney in a Wistar-Lewis rat has been studied for sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents. Two tumour models have been employed. Subcutaneously transplanted flank nodules were used to screen single agents for antitumour activity. A model of intraperitoneal metastatic disease was employed to test further agents which had demonstrated some effectiveness in the nodule model. Single agents that proved ineffective were streptozotocin, neocarzinostatin, chlorozotocin and carminomycin. 5-FU, bleomycin and hydroxyurea were also ineffective at the doses tested. Agents that were effective included cyclophosphamide, adriamycin, vinblastine, vindesin, and maytansine. The most effective combination therapy appeared to be cyclophosphamide with vindesin and cisplatin.

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