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Isolation of granulocytes and labelling with indium 111-oxine sulphate

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The isolation of granulocytes from whole blood and labelling with Indium 111-oxine sulphate are described in detail. To isolate the cells a two-step method was used: (1) removal of the red blood cells by methyl cellulose-Ronpacon and (2) separation of the leucocyte-rich plasma with a double gradient (1077, 1097) technique. 111In-oxine sulphate was prepared by adding 111In-chloride to a buffered solution of oxine sulphate. The labelling of the granulocytes with 111In-oxine sulphate was done by incubation at room temperature for 5 min.

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Pfeiffer, G., Erten, J. & Deubelbeiss, K. Isolation of granulocytes and labelling with indium 111-oxine sulphate. Eur J Nucl Med 7, 195–196 (1982).

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