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Thermodynamic study on heat of mixing of polyisobutylene with ethylbenzene

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The heat of mixing of polyisobutylene with ethylbenzene was measured from 18.2 to 69.2° C with a Tian-Calvet twin micro-calorimeter, and the exchange enthalpy parameter X12 in Flory's theory was estimated. The X12 obtained was discussed also in comparison with the one based on Manzini model. Further combining with osmotic pressure data, temperature dependence of the entropy parameter Q12 was referred.

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Lee, J., Ono, M., Hamada, F. et al. Thermodynamic study on heat of mixing of polyisobutylene with ethylbenzene. Polymer Bulletin 1, 763–770 (1979).

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  • Polymer
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  • Enthalpy
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