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Kinetic study of the polymerization of chloro ethyl vinyl ether initiated by the system hydrogen iodide/iodine

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A kinetic study of the cationic polymerization of chloroethyl vinyl ether initiated by the system hydrogen iodide — iodine has been performed in order to understand some particular characteristics of the system. As previously reported by Higashimura the polymerization shows a living character at low temperature in toluene. A polymerization process with a first order in iodine and 0.3 order with respect to monomer, has been observed. These results are consistent with the existence of reversible elementary processes involving iodine and monomer.

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Correspondence to Valérie Heroguez.

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Unité associée CNRS et ENSCPB

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Heroguez, V., Deffieux, A. & Fontanille, M. Kinetic study of the polymerization of chloro ethyl vinyl ether initiated by the system hydrogen iodide/iodine. Polymer Bulletin 18, 287–294 (1987).

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