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Polymers with terminally cyanobiphenyl-substituted side chains

A re-entrant polymorphism N SA NRe


Two acrylate side chain polymers in which the mesogenic moiety is a 4′-cyano-biphenyl-4-yl group have been synthesized and characterized by d.s.c., optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction. If the mesogenic moiety is linked to the polymer backbone by a -O-CO-(CH2)-5 group, the resultant polymer is nematic. For a -O-(CH2)-6 group, the unusual NSANre sequence is observed. X-ray diffraction has shown that the SA phase has a partially bilayer structure : the molecules are arranged in an antiparallel, overlapping interdigitated structure with a layer spacing of about 1.4 times the length of the side chains. Monolayer fluctuations are also observed in this SA phase.

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