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ω-123I-Hexadecanoic acid metabolic probe of cardiomypathy


The utility of ω-123I-hexadecanoic acid myocardial scintigraphy as a metabolic probe of cardiomyopathies was investigated. Sixteen patients with a variety of cardiomyopathies and myopathies that involve cardiac muscle and ten volunteers were imaged in the postabsorptive state in a 40° LAO projection after a standard dose of ω-123I-hexadecanoic acid. An elimination T1/2 was calculated from the left ventricular myocardial time-activity curve. An uptake index, corrected for chest wall attenuation, was also computed in 7 of 10 volunteers and 8 of 16 patients.

Of the 16 patients, only 2 had distinctly abnormal ω-123I-hexadecanoic acid myocardial tracer kinetics. The first patient had a metabolic disorder of which cartine deficiency was one component. The second patient had endocardial fibroelastosis, a process which has been linked to disorders which deprive the myocardium of oxygen and energy. Therefore, the cardiomyopathy may have been caused by some abnormality of cardiac metabolism other than carnitine deficiency. Although of limited utility in the overall cardiomyopathic population, ω-123I-hexadecanoic acid myocardial scintigraphy should be further investigated as a screening test for carnitine deficiency and related metabolic abnormalities in patients at risk.

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