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Bleomycin pharmacokinetics in man

II. Intracavitary administration


Disposition of bleomycin was studied in plasma and urine (14 patients) and ascites fluid (2 patients) after intraperitoneal (IP) and intrapleural (IPl) administration, by radioimmunoassay. Peak plasma bleomycin concentrations after 60 U/m2 in 12 patients ranged between 0.4 and 5.0 mU/ml. For those patients with creatinine clearances greater than 50 ml/min the composite terminal phase bleomycin plasma half-lives (±SD) for three ‘IPl’ and six ‘IP’ patients were 3.4±0.3 and 5.3±0.4 h, respectively. The composite IP plasma half-life was significantly longer than the IPl hal-life (P<0.001) and previously reported IV half-life (t1/2=4.0 ±0.6 h) (P<0.01). In patients with normal renal function, bleomycin excretion during the first 24 h was in most cases lower following intracavitary (IC) than following IV administration (21.7%±8.6% vs. 44.8%±12.6%, respectively) (P<0.005). Comparison of bleomycin plasma concentration time products normalized for dose and half-life for IV and IC administration allowed an estimate that about 45% of the IC bleomycin dosage is absorbed into the systemic circulation. When calculating the total systemic exposure to bleomycin for a patient we suggest using the sum of the IV dose and one-half of the IC dose.

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