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A new unidirectional moving whole body scanner

Comparative study of performances


A new whole-body unidirectional moving scanner was built using a single large bar crystal, 12 photomultipliers on its top, and a delay line system to compute the X coordinate. Motion is required in only one direction on the Y-axis, and a special collimation is adapted in order to equal the X and Y performances of the detector.

The performances of this detector (C.G.R. Scanicamera) (SC) were compared under the same conditions with those of a moving rectilinear scanner (R.S.) (Ohio Nuclear F 84 dual-head scanner, 12.5 cm crystal) and with an Anger gammacamera equipped with its whole body attachment (W.B.C.) (Nuclear Chicago Pho Gamma III H.P.).

The general impression is that this new wholebody unidirectional moving scanner is a very convenient device for whole body studies and can also be used for large scintigraphies.

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