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125I-β-iodo-D-alanine-synthesis, biodistribution and antimicrobial activity

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Methyl N-carbobenzoxy-β-iodo-D-alaninate (1) served as an intermediate to synthesize methyl β-iodo-D-alaninate (2) and β-iodo-D-alanine (3). The 125I-labeled compound 1 was synthesized by the melt method and used to synthesize 125I-labeled compounds 2 and 3. Compound 3 was shown to be substrate for D-amino acid oxidase. It was also shown that compounds 2 and 3 were rapidly eliminated from normal mammalian tissues and that compound 3 inhibited the Escherichia coli growth in a dose-dependent manner at 100–500 μg/ml while compound 2 showed no effect at 500 μg/ml level. Therefore, it was suggested that compound 3 may serve as an abscess localizing agent.

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Correspondence to C. -Y. Shiue.

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Research carried out at Brookhaven National Laboratory under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (No. DE-AC-02-76CH00016) and supported by its Office of Health and Environmental Research

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Shiue, C.-., Gallagher, B.M. & Wolf, A.P. 125I-β-iodo-D-alanine-synthesis, biodistribution and antimicrobial activity. Eur J Nucl Med 6, 245–248 (1981). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00251346

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