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β-Oxidation enzymes in the mitochondria of Arum and oilseed rape

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β-Oxidation enzymes were detected both in the mitochondria and microbodies of Arum maculatum L. spadices and Brassica napus L. seeds. It is apparent that the mitochondrial membrane barrier, which remains intact after sucrose-density-gradient centrifugation, prevents rapid access of acyl-GoA substrates to matrix βoxidation tes. Thus intact mitochondria showed little β-oxidation enzyme activity. Rupturing of the mitochondrial membrane allowed rapid access of acyl CoAs to matrix sites. Consequently, in ruptured mitochondria, high β-oxidation enzyme activities were measured.

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Correspondence to D. R. Thomas.

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C. Masterson thanks the Science and Engineering Research Council for the award of a postgraduate student maintenance grant. D.R. Thomas and C. Wood thank their relatives for continuing financial support. The authors also thank West Cumberland Farmers Ltd., Hexham, UK for their gift of oilseed rape seeds.

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