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Direct neural connection from the medial preoptic area to the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus of the rat

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Direct neural connections from the medial preoptic area (MPOA) to the arcuate nucleus were studied on light and electron microscope level by a multistep experimental procedure. The hypothalamic deafferentation technique of Halász and Pupp (1965) was used in itself or was combined with electrolytic lesions. In order to eliminate all fibers of more rostral source traversing the medial preoptic area an extended rostral preoptic deafferentation was made, and a survival time of at least 3 weeks was chosen to allow for the complete disappearance of the degenerated fragments from the arcuate nucleus. In the main experimental group the medial preoptic area was destroyed by an electrolytic lesion 3 or more weeks following such rostral preoptic deafferentations. In these animals degenerated fibers and terminals certainly of preoptic origin were found distributed bilaterally, with a predominance on the side of the lesion. — These data suggest that axons originating from medial preoptic neurons terminate in the arcuate nucleus, thus constituting a preoptico-tuberal pathway.

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