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Responses of different compartments of cat's splenius muscle to optokinetic stimulation

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The EMG in different compartments of the splenius muscle was recorded simultaneously with the horizontal electrooculogram in the alert, head restrained and head freed cat during optokinetic and vestibular stimulation. All compartments of the splenius muscle behaved qualitatively similarly. Tonic and phasic muscle activity was closely related to eye position.

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Correspondence to Dr. W. Precht.

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Supported by Swiss National Science Foundation (3.505.79 and 3.616.80). Dr. V.J. Wilson was supported by Roche Research Foundation and NIH Grant (NS 02619)

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Wilson, V.J., Precht, W. & Dieringer, N. Responses of different compartments of cat's splenius muscle to optokinetic stimulation. Exp Brain Res 50, 153–156 (1983). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00238243

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Key words

  • Neck muscle
  • Head-Eye movements
  • Optokinetic stimulation