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The cholinergic innervation of the visual thalamus: an EM immunocytochemical study


In this study we demonstrate at the ultrastructural level that both the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (dLGN), the visual relay of the thalamus, and the perigeniculate nucleus (PGN), the visual segment of the thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN), are densely innervated by fibres with Choline-Acetyl-Transferase (ChAT) like immuno-reactivity. These axons make synaptic contacts with interneurones considered to be inhibitory, both in the PGN and within the synaptic glomeruli of the dLGN. In addition, Chat positive terminals form intra- and extraglomerular synapses with dendrites thought to arise from relay cells. We interpret these results as evidence for direct cholinergic modulation of both relay cells and inhibitory interneurones.

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