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Anti-inflammatory oleanane triterpenes from Tripterygium wilfordii cell suspension cultures by fungal elicitation


Treatment of cell suspension cultures of Tripterygium wilfordii with an autoclaved Botrytis sp. homogenate rapidly increased the synthesis of a family of oleanane and friedelane triterpenes, including the antiinflammatory oleanane triterpene 3β,22α-dihydroxyolean-12-en-29-oic acid. This compound exceeded 30 mg · l−1 in 13 day elicitations with 12 l bioreactors, in contrast to control levels of less than 5 mg · l−1. Cell cultures treated with the fungal elicitor provided higher triterpene yields in less time than cultures in a diterpene production medium or whole plants. Elicited production has been developed for commercial application in light of the successful treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with Tripterygium extracts.

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Kutney, J.P., Samija, M.D., Hewitt, G.M. et al. Anti-inflammatory oleanane triterpenes from Tripterygium wilfordii cell suspension cultures by fungal elicitation. Plant Cell Reports 12, 356–359 (1993). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00237435

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  • Tripterygium
  • Oleanane
  • Triterpene
  • Elicitation