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Improvement of protoplast culture protocols for Beta vulgaris L. (sugar beet)

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The effects of NaCl, feeder cells and the embedding of protoplasts in calcium alginate have been investigated in an attempt to improve culture conditions of recalcitrant sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) mesophyll protoplasts. While the use of NaCl in all instances proved detrimental to protoplast development, the other two treatments had clear beneficial effects. Minimum plating densities, necessary to sustain cell division, could be reduced to <5% (<4000 protoplasts / ml) of the control levels and plating efficiencies could be significantly enhanced by approx. 10 fold. Plants could still be regenerated from soft calli derived from mesophyll protoplasts cultured under the modified conditions at a frequency of 20–30 %. In particular, the use of alginate is considered of potentially great importance for the further application of beet protoplasts for other aims e.g. asymmetric hybridization.

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Hall, R.D., Pedersen, C. & Krens, F.A. Improvement of protoplast culture protocols for Beta vulgaris L. (sugar beet). Plant Cell Reports 12, 339–342 (1993). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00237431

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Key words

  • Alginate embedding
  • Beta vulgaris
  • feeders
  • protoplasts
  • regeneration