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The morphology and laminar distribution of cortico-pulvinar neurons in the Rhesus monkey

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Using autoradiography and the horseradish peroxidase method, the morphology and laminar distribution of cortico-pulvinar neurons and the reciprocity of connections between pulvinar and cortex were examined in five Rhesus monkeys which had received medial, lateral and inferior pulvinar nucleus injections of both tritiated amino acids and horseradish peroxidase.

Cortico-pulvinar neurons were identified in one heterotypical cortical area (area 17) and in many homotypical areas in frontal (areas 45, 46, 11, 12), parietal (5, 7), occipital (18, 19) and temporal (20, 21, 22) lobes. The cortico-pulvinar neurons were pyramidal in shape and ranged in size from small to large. In heterotypical cortex they were found in layers V and VI whereas in area 17 they were found only in layer Vb. Reciprocal connections between pulvinar and cortex were a feature of homotypical but not heterotypical cortex.

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