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Compartmentalization of single muscle units in cat lateral gastrocnemius

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The distribution of muscle fibers in single muscle units in cat lateral gastrocnemius (LG) muscle was analyzed using the method of glycogen depletion. Single, type FF motor units in LG were identified by stimulation of dissected ventral rootlets and then activated to produce depletion of glycogen in their innervated muscle fibers. Serial histological sections were made of the entire triceps surae muscles and then reacted for the demonstration of glycogen. Projected tracings of the sections were used to compare the distribution of glycogen depleted muscle fibers to the heads of the LG muscle. Results of analysis of single muscle units indicate that the muscle fibers innervated by single cat LG type FF motor units are distributed to the same regions of muscle which are innervated by primary branches of the nerve to the LG muscle. The single units are thus compartmentalized. These results support the hypothesis that each of the neuromuscular compartments of LG contains a unique population of motor units. It is suggested that compartmentalization of muscles about primary branches of their muscle nerves may from a major organizational principle in the design of skeletal muscles.

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  • Neuromuscular compartments
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