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The Jamming Avoidance Response in Rhamphichthys rostratus: An alternative principle of time domain analysis in electric fish


A Jamming Avoidance Response was found in the weakly electric fish Rhamphichthys rostratus, a South American pulse-Gymnotid. The analysis of the response suggests that it requires a key stimulus which is fundamentally different from that in previously described harmonic Gymnotids. It relies on a sensitivity for the direction of phase shifts of stimulus pulses relative to the fish's own electric organ discharge rather than on a sensitivity for beating frequencies.

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Scheich, H., Gottschalk, B. & Nickel, B. The Jamming Avoidance Response in Rhamphichthys rostratus: An alternative principle of time domain analysis in electric fish. Exp Brain Res 28, 229–233 (1977).

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Key words

  • Electric fish
  • Time domain analysis
  • Jamming Avoidance Response