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Cytochrome oxidase activity in the striate cortex and lateral geniculate nucleus of the newborn and adult macaque monkey

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The laminar location of cytochrome oxidase staining has been compared in the lateral geniculate nucleus and area 17 in newborn and adult macaque monkeys. In area 17 of the adult, the distribution of cytochrome oxidase activity confirmed published findings. In the newborn animals, the tissue reacted as strongly for cytochrome oxidase as in the adult but the pattern of labelling was different in two respects. Firstly in layer 1 activity was stronger and occupied a wider portion of this layer. Secondly, cytochrome oxidase staining in layer 4C occupied two separate bands, a small narrow band at the bottom of 4Cβ and a wider one occupying the full width of 4Cα and spilling over into 4B. The pattern of cytochrome oxidase activity did not appear to be influenced by eccentricity in the newborn whereas, in the adult, label in 4C was more intense in cortex subserving central vision. In the lateral geniculate nucleus of the adult, the magnocellular layers and the most dorsal parvocellular layer reacted most strongly for cytochrome oxidase. In the newborn, parvocellular layers were more uniformly labelled and the difference between parvo and magnocellular layers more pronounced. These results are discussed in relationship to the development of thalamo-cortical projections in the monkey.

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