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Absence of changes in fiber type with aging in avian muscles


The anterior latissimus dorsi of the pigeon, a slow tonic muscle, and biventer cervicis, a mixed muscle, of two age groups (1–2 years old versus 6–8 years old) were compared with respect to percentages of fiber types and activities of adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) and succinic dehydrogenase (SDH), as estimated histochemically, to determine whether these became altered with old age. These parameters did not change between the young and old birds for either type of muscle.

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Correspondence to Robert S. Hikida.

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This investigation was supported in part by research grants PCM 77-15960 and PCM 79-16540 from the National Science Foundation

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Hikida, R.S., Curtis, C.W. & Walro, J.M. Absence of changes in fiber type with aging in avian muscles. Cell Tissue Res. 217, 43–47 (1981).

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Key words

  • Avian muscle fiber types
  • Aging
  • ATPase