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Calcium and potassium currents in porcine granulosa cells maintained in follicular or monolayer tissue culture


We studied membrane currents in granulosa cells (GC), immediately after collection or after variable culture time in the everted-follicle wall or in the monolayer.

GC in both systems express an inward calcium current (I Ca) with T-type kinetics and voltage dependence. GC in the everted-follicle culture express an outward potassium current (I K) kinetics, which remains unchanged during three days in culture. I K has delayed-rectifier kinetics, but is insensitive to TEA, 4-AP and apamine. GC in monolayer culture develop a new, inactivating delayed-rectifier potassium current (I nK), which progressively dominates as cells advance from day one to day three in culture. A similar I nK was recorded in large luteal cells. A possible link between luteinization and the appearance of I nK is hypothesized.

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We wish to thank Ms. B.J. Duke and Ms. C. Cappannari for preparing the solutions and tissue cultures, and Mr. W.N. Goolsby for the electronics and computer support. This work is supported by the National Research Council of Italy, Special Project RAISA, Sub-project No. 3, paper No. 724 and the National Institutes of Health HL-27385.

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  • Pig follicular cells
  • Tissue culture
  • Whole-cell recording
  • Ca current
  • K current
  • Luteinization