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Silver impregnation of degenerating dendrites, cells and axons central to axonal transection I. A nauta study on the hypoglossal nerve in kittens


Peripheral transection of the XIIth cranial nerve was performed on the right side in kittens. In Nauta-Laidlaw preparations from the medulla oblongata impregnation was obtained of degenerating hypoglossal dendrites, cells and/or axons on the side of the operation in most of these animals. The morphology of the degenerating parts of the neurones is described. Nerve cell death was shown to be the factor responsible for the impregnation. The influence of animal age at operation and of the period of postoperative survival on the occurrence and appearance of the degeneration was demonstrated. The spatial sequence of the degeneration within the neurone was in proximo-distal direction.

These findings are discussed in relation to earlier observations. The probable significance of the findings as a basis for a supplementary technique in experimental neuroanatomy is also discussed.

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Grant, G., Aldskogius, H. Silver impregnation of degenerating dendrites, cells and axons central to axonal transection I. A nauta study on the hypoglossal nerve in kittens. Exp Brain Res 3, 150–162 (1967).

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Key Words

  • Degenerating neurone
  • Nauta method
  • Axonal transection
  • Hypoglossal nerve
  • Kitten