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Tobacco (Nicotiana tobaccum) nuclear transgenics with high copy number can express NPTII driven by the chloroplast psbA promoter


A chloroplast expression vector containing the NPTII gene under the control of apsbA promoter (psbA-NPTII) was constructed, and was biolistically delivered into both suspension cells and leaf strips of tobacco (Nicotiana tabaccum). Analyses of subsequently recovered kanamycin-resistant transgenic plants indicate that the psbA-NPTII gene was not located in the chloroplast, but was in the nucleus in very high copy number. This conclusion was based upon results from: (1) Southern hybridization analyses of chloroplast and nuclear DNAs using NPTII, chloroplast-marker, and nuclear-marker probes; (2) pulse-field gel electrophoresis; and (3) kanamycin screening of sexual progenies. This study suggests that the nuclear expression of the NPTII gene may have been associated with many copies of the psbA-NPTII construction. Very high copy number in the nucleus might either allow NPTII expression from the otherwise inadequate psbA promoter, or might increase the chance of recombining with upstream tobacco regulatory sequences.

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Ye, G., Pang, S. & Sanford, J.C. Tobacco (Nicotiana tobaccum) nuclear transgenics with high copy number can express NPTII driven by the chloroplast psbA promoter. Plant Cell Reports 15, 479–483 (1996).

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