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Interspecific transfer of isolated plant mitochondria by microinjection

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Data on isolation, purification and transfer of mitochondria from a cytoplasmic male sterile line of the “Ogura” type of Raphanus sativus to a male fertile line of Brassica napus are reported. Microinjection has been used for the transfer of the donor mitochondria to the recipient protoplasts. The injected protoplasts were identified and followed individually throughout their development using a computerized microscope stage which greatly enhanced the number of injections (five-fold). The transferred donor mitochondria were stably maintained during several successive cell divisions, revealing that they were viable and functional. Several calluses were obtained from injected protoplasts without using any selection pressure. Restriction fragment length analysis of seventeen calluses, using mitochondrial DNA probes, indicated that three contained the donor “Ogura” type mitochondria. No recombinant types of mitochondria have been observed. Flow cytometric and karyotype analyses of the calluses revealed the presence of similar amount of DNA and chromosome number as those of the recipient plants of B.napus. The application of microinjection for the manipulation of cytoplasmic composition is discussed.

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adenosine triphosphate phosphohydrolase


bovine serum albumin


cytoplasmic male sterility






polyethylene glycol


restriction fragment length polymorphism




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  • Karyotype Analysis
  • Microscope Stage
  • Plant Mitochondrion
  • Male Sterile Line
  • Length Analysis