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In vitro propagation of Clerodendrum colebrookianum Walp., a potential natural anti-hypertension medicinal plant

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A rapid clonal propagation system for Clerodendrum colebrookianum Walp. (Verbenaceae), a anti-hypertension folk medicinal shrub has been developed. A range of cytokinins has been investigated for multiple shoot induction with shoot apex, axillary shoot, leaf, petiole and root explants. Optimum shoot induction occurred with axillary buds using 6-benzyladenine where an average of 21 shoots were produced per explant in 6 weeks. Subculturing the newly produced shoots, by separating into groups of five shoots, produced an average of 43 new shoots per culture within 4 weeks. In vitro rooting and weaning of over 200 plantlets was completely successful. Cytological studies revealed no visible abnormalities in chromosome number.

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Least Significant Difference


1-naphthaleneacetic acid




Woody Plant Medium (Lloyd & McCown 1980) basal medium


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Mao, A.A., Wetten, A., Fay, M. et al. In vitro propagation of Clerodendrum colebrookianum Walp., a potential natural anti-hypertension medicinal plant. Plant Cell Reports 14, 493–496 (1995). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00232781

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