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Evaluation of somaclonal variation during somatic embryogenesis of interior spruce (Picea glauca engelmannii complex) using culture morphology and isozyme analysis


Somaclonal variation during interior spruce (Picea glauca engelmannii complex) somatic embryogenesis was evaluated using culture morphology and isozyme analysis. Genotype-specific abscisic acid-dependent developmental profiles and isozyme patterns were similar for subclone and parent line embryogenic cultures and cotyledonary somatic embryos. Extensive analysis of fifteen hundred subclone embryos of one genotype revealed no isozyme pattern variation. Initiation of embryogenic cultures was dependent on the developmental stage of the explant although cultures derived from different stages were morphologically similar. The embryogenic cultures initiated from interior spruce embryos show a high degree of genetic stability in that the morphological behavior and isozyme phenotype were always consistent with that of the explant genotype. These results support the conclusion that this culture system is appropriate for clonal propagation of interior spruce.

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Eastman, P.A.K., Webster, F.B., Pitel, J.A. et al. Evaluation of somaclonal variation during somatic embryogenesis of interior spruce (Picea glauca engelmannii complex) using culture morphology and isozyme analysis. Plant Cell Reports 10, 425–430 (1991).

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