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A segment of rye chromosome 1 enhances growth and embryogenesis of calli derived from immature embryos of wheat


The influence of the short arm of rye chromosome 1 (1RS) from Secale cereale var. Imperial on the growth and differentiation of callus cultures from wheat Triticum aestivum var. Chinese Spring immature embryos was analysed. This chromosome arm was found to stimulate both embryogenesis and the rate of growth of calli. Recombinant lines carrying segments of 1RS were used to delineate the regions of 1RS responsible for the tissue culture effects. The enhancement of embryogenesis and the stimulation of growth were shown to be associated with two distinct genetic regions of the chromosome arm; the former is located between the centromere and the Sec 1 locus, while the latter is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Sec 1 locus.

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Langridge, P., Lazzeri, P. & Lörz, H. A segment of rye chromosome 1 enhances growth and embryogenesis of calli derived from immature embryos of wheat. Plant Cell Reports 10, 148–151 (1991).

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  • wheat
  • rye
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