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The relationship of calcium and parathyroid hormone in their effect on heart cells

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Parathyroid hormone (PTH), the plasma concentration of which is raised in uremia, has been suggested as one of the agents responsible for the myocardial changes commonly seen in uremia. The effect of intact [1–84] PTH on rat heart cells grown in tissue culture has been studied. Addition of the hormone to the media significantly stimulated beating rate. The stimulation was directly proportional to the amount of PTH in the medium. Excessively high concentration of PTH caused immediate cessation of the beating, which was reversed by the addition of calcium to the medium. The extent of stimulation by PTH was inversely proportional to the calcium concentrations in the medium. Isoproterenol and phenylephrine at excessively high concentrations in the medium did not mimic the PTH effect either alone or together with PTH. When beating ceased due to verapamil the effect was not reversed by the addition of calcium to the medium.

Calcium added to the myocytes seen after beating ceased reversed the effect and the cells started to beat again. Cells kept for a longer period in the arrested state were not revived by the addition of calcium.

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