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Inhibition of arachidonate biosynthesis in hepatoma tissue culture cells by 11-deoxycorticosterone-induced factor

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In this work it was demonstrated that the incubation of hepatoma cultured cells (HTC 7288 c) with 11-deoxycorticosterone (DOC) ranging from 0 to 10−4M concentration provoked a dose-dependent inhibition in the conversion of [1−14C] eicosatrienoic acid to arachidonic acid. This steroid also produced an increase in the uptake of exogenous 20: 3 (n-6) acid. The depressive effect evoked by DOC on Δ 5 desaturating activity was reflected on the fatty acid composition changes of the hepatoma cells. The Δ 5 desaturase activity was inhibited by a soluble factor that would be induced by the hormone and that was present in the cytosol fraction from DOC-treated cells, corresponding to a low molecular mass below 25 kDa. Presently we report that an 11-β-OH group on the steroid molecule is not an essential requirement for the production of a Δ 5 desaturase inhibitory factor.

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