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Refining of bleached cellulosic pulps: characterization by application of the colloidal titration technique


The relation between freeness and the cationic demand of fibrous suspensions containing an industrial kraft hardwood bleached pulp (refined at different levels) is studied in this paper. The technique used was the colloidal titration. Results suggest that the fixation on cellulosic fibres is attained through two mechanisms: ionic exchange and adsorption by means of hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces.

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Carrasco, F., Mutjé, P. & Pèlach, M.A. Refining of bleached cellulosic pulps: characterization by application of the colloidal titration technique. Wood Sci.Technol. 30, 227–236 (1996).

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  • Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Bond
  • Titration
  • Bleached
  • Material Processing