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Comprehensive molecular characterization of tissue-culture-derived Hordeum marinum plants

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Scuttelar calli of Hordeum marinum readily and efficiently regenerate functional plants. In order to assess genetic variability among the regenerants we employed multiple analytic tools, which included molecular and biochemical assays. Total DNA extract from regenerated plants was digested with at least two restriction enzymes and hybridized to four nuclear and six mitochondrial coding sequences, in addition to one nuclear and three mitochondrial noncoding probes. SDS-PAGE analyses of hordein extracted from seeds of regenerated plants and activity assays of α-amylase were also performed. The nuclear and mitochondrial genomes of 50 regenerated plants demonstrated relative stability when assessed with coding sequences and by biochemical analyses. However, the mitochondrial noncoding probes revealed one qualitative somaclonal variant characterized by a loss of a hybridizing fragment. Moreover, changes in the methylation patterns of the rRNA genes and the nontranscribed spacer were revealed in another regenerated plant. The albino plant regenerated was characterized by a loss of three chloroplast DNA BamHI fragments.

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