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Renin-positive granulated Goormaghtigh cells

Immunohistochemical and electron-microscopic studies on biopsies from patients with pseudo-Bartter syndrome


It is difficult to distinguish between Goormaghtigh cells (G-cells) and media cells of the glomerular arterioles at the border of the Goormaghtigh cell field. Consequently, it has been unclear whether renin-positive G-cells are normally present and also whether renin-producing cells are recruited from the pool of renin-negative G-cells upon stimulation of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS). In the present study, immunohistochemical and electron-microscopic experiments have been carried out on serially sectioned kidney biopsies from four patients with pseudo-Bartter syndrome. The results strongly suggest that with longlasting stimulation of the RAS all renin-negative (“secretory resting”) G-cells are ultimately converted into renin-producing granular cells.

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Correspondence to Dr. J. A. Christensen.

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Synonymous with extraglomerular mesangial cells

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Christensen, J.A., Bohle, A., Mikeler, E. et al. Renin-positive granulated Goormaghtigh cells. Cell Tissue Res. 255, 149–153 (1989). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00229076

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Key words

  • Goormaghtigh cells
  • Granular cells
  • Renin synthesis
  • Juxtaglomerular apparatus
  • Pseudo-Bartter syndrome
  • Human