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Striped projections of the outer membrane of the generative cell in Convallaria majalis pollen

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In pollen grains of Convallaria majalis the outer membrane of the generative cell (GC) is the inner membrane of the vegetative cell (VC). Striped projections (SP) at the cytoplasmic face of the outer membrane of the GC were revealed by chemical fixation and also by a rapid freeze-fixation and freeze-substitution. The projections, located in groups on the protruding lobes of the GC, were arranged parallel to each other and were equally spaced (40 nm apart). The length of the SP, estimated from grazing sections of GC, was 400 nm. Each projection was composed of T-shaped elements, about 35 nm high, spaced at an average distance of 25 nm. SP were observed in mature, hydrated, activated and germinated pollen grains and seemed to be associated with microtubules and microfilaments of the VC. No evidence exists yet of SP on the sperm cell membrane. Immunogold labelling with anti-myosin antibodies showed many gold particles attached preferentially to the surface of the protruding lobes of the GC in the area of the projections. These results may suggest that the SP of Convallaria GC contain myosin-like protein and play an important role in the motility of the GC during pollen tube growth.

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