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Some rate considerations on COD determinations

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The usefulness of rate information coupled to COD determinations is discussed. A multiparameter system is presented which reflects changes in both the quantity and the overall nature of the oxidizable material. The insight gained by utilization of systems such as the one presented here is illustrated with model compounds and a few samples taken from reactor effluents from a sewage plant. The gain in information is believed to be potentially of use in the planning and improvement of treatments for waste waters.

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Taken in part from a thesis presented by A. E. Goodwin in partial fulfillment of the M.S. Degree, Oklahoma State University, 1975.

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Goodwin, A.E., Cabbiness, D.K. & Mottola, H.A. Some rate considerations on COD determinations. Water Air Soil Pollut 8, 467–478 (1977). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00228661

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  • Waste Water
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