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Pallidotectal projection to the inferior colliculus of the rat

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After injection of fluorescent tracer into the inferior colliculus (IC), retrogradely labeled cells were observed not only in the temporoauditory cortex (ACx) and the substantia nigra pars lateralis, but also in the globus pallidus (GP). These labeled GP cells were localized exclusively in the caudal portion of the GP, which has been known to project to the ACx. Employing a retrograde fluorescent double labeling technique, the GP-IC neurons were found to be distributed in a separate manner from the GP-ACx neurons within the caudal GP. The present study provides further anatomical evidence that the caudal GP has a functional role in auditory processing.

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temporoauditory cortex


Brachium conjunctivum


cerebral peduncle


caudate putamen


Diamidino Yellow


entopeduncular nucleus




globus pallidus


internal capsule


inferior colliculus


optic tract


superior colliculus


substantia nigra pars lateralis




True Blue


nucleus tegmenti pedunculopontinus pars compacta


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Key words

  • Globus pallidus
  • Inferior colliculus
  • Retrograde fluorescent tracer
  • Rat