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Intergeneric hybridization between Diplotaxis siifolia, a wild species and crop brassicas

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Attempts were made to obtain intergeneric hybrids between Diplotaxis siifolia, a wild species, and cultivars of Brassica (B. campestris, B. juncea, and B. napus). The crosses showed unilateral incompatibility. When the wild species was used as female parent, pollen germination and pollen tube growth were normal, but hybrid seeds aborted due to post-fertilization barriers. Reciprocal crosses (cultivars as female parent) showed strong pre-fertilization barriers; although pollen grains showed germination, pollen tubes failed to enter the stigma. Hybrids were realized in two of the crosses, D. siifolia x B. juncea and D. siifolia x B. napus, through ovary culture. The hybrids were multiplied in vitro by multiplication of axillary shoots, or somatic embryogenesis. Detailed studies were carried out on the hybrid D. siifolia x B. juncea. F1 hybrids had shrivelled anthers and were pollen sterile. Amphiploids of this hybrid showed 60% pollen fertility and produced seeds upon self-pollination as well as backcross pollination with the pollen of B. juncea.

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  • Brassica campestris
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  • Diplotaxis siifolia
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