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Dynamics of particles floating on liquid flowing in a semicircular open channel

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The dynamic characteristics of surface-floating particles in liquids flowing in a two-dimensional, semicircular open channel is studied experimentally. For high visibility in the experiments, relatively large particles are employed whose particle-liquid density ratio is either equal to or less than unity. Particles of different size and geometry are tested in a water-glycerin mixture. A video camera traces the pathline of each particle from which the velocity and direction of particle motion are evaluated. Liquid velocity distribution is determined by hot-film anemometry. A modified dynamics (Basset-Boussinesq-Oseen) equation is derived and numerically solved by means of a finite-difference technique to determine fluid velocity. A new dimensionless parameter is disclosed which is pertinent to both particle geometry and fluid flow conditions. It correlates particle trajectory and velocity, trajectory dispersion and fluid-particle velocity ratio.

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Visiting Scholar on leave from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Fukuyama University, Fukujama, Japan

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Umeda, S., Yang, W.-. Dynamics of particles floating on liquid flowing in a semicircular open channel. Experiments in Fluids 12, 106–112 (1991). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00226574

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  • Fluid Flow
  • Velocity Distribution
  • Video Camera
  • Dimensionless Parameter
  • Fluid Velocity