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Encoding genes for endosperm proteins in Hordeum chilense

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The endosperm proteins encoded by the genome Hch in Hordeum chilense, Tritordeum (amphiploid Hordeum chilense x Triticum turgidum), common wheat-H. chilense addition lines, and the segregating plants resulting from the cross Tritordeum x T. turgidum, were fractionated by three electrophoretical techniques: SDS-PAGE, A-PAGE, and bidimensional PAGE. Prolamin subunits with a high molecular weight (HMW) were well visualized by SDS-PAGE, the A-PAGE technique permitted good resolution for many hordeins and gliadins, and two-dimensional electrophoresis allowed new sets of bands coded by gene complexes from H. chilense chromosomes to be distinguished. The loci Hor-Hch1 (up to 11 subunits belonging to the ω-, β — and α-hordeins), Glu-Hch1 (one HMW prolamin subunit), Hor-Hch2 (one α-hordein), and Hor-Hch3 (up to four α-hordeins) were located on the H. chilense chromosomes 1Hch, 5Hch, and 7Hch.

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