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Linkage mapping of prolamin and isozyme genes on the 1Sl chromosome of Aegilops longissima

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The storage proteins and isozymes of two accessions of Aegilops longissima, and the F2 progeny from the cross between them, were analyzed. Six loci were identified on the 1Sl chromosome: Glu-S l 1 (coding for HMW subunits of glutenin), Gpi-S l 1 (coding for a Gpi isozyme), Glu-S l 3 (coding for LMW subunits of glutenin), Gli-S l 1 (coding for gliadins) and two, so far, not described new loci Gli-S l 4 and Gli-S l 5. The Gli-S l 4 locus codes for a ω-gliadin and the Gli-S l 5 codes for a gliadin with mobility in the β-region. The genetical distances found between the six loci allowed the establishment of the following gene order on the 1Sl chromosome: Glu-S l 1 —centromere —Gpi-S l 1Gli-S l 4Gli-S l 3Gli-S l 1 -Gli-S l 5.

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