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Ciliated sensory neurons in the lip of the squid Lolliguncula brevis Blainville

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The lip of Lolliguncula brevis is a muscular fold covered by a simple columnar epithelium and overlayed medially and distally by a non-cellular cuticle. Bipolar sensory cells in the epithelium have a shallow pocket with cilia and microvilli at the free end of their dendrite. The cilia project out onto the surface through pores in the cuticle. Cells with intracellular cilia were observed below the epithelium. These cells send a process toward the surface of the lip. These two receptors are compared to the receptors previously described from the lip of Sepia.

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Author information

Correspondence to Dr. Dennis G. Emery.

Additional information

I am endebted to Dr. P. P. C. Graziadei, in whose laboratory this study was carried out, for his support and criticism, and to Dr. M. J. Greenberg for his critical reading of the manuscript.

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Emery, D.G. Ciliated sensory neurons in the lip of the squid Lolliguncula brevis Blainville. Cell Tissue Res. 157, 323–329 (1975).

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