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Intranuclear and cytoplasmic annulate lamellae in grasshopper spermatocytes (Genus Melanoplus)

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Intranuclear and cytoplasmic annulate lamellae were studied in grasshopper spermatocytes (Melanoplus) with the electron microscope. Although cytoplasmic annulate lamellae were observed in all three species examined, intranuclear annulate lamellae were found in only one species. The intranuclear annulate lamellae encompass certain nuclear material adjacent to the nuclear envelope forming a vesicle that is extruded into the spermatocyte cytoplasm. In this same species, cytoplasmic annulate lamellae are seen contiguous with granular masses of varying size. These structures were noted as being morphologically indistinguishable from the “yolk nuclei” of dragonfly oocytes (Kessel and Beams, 1969; Kessel, 1973).

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Correspondence to Thomas B. Pool.

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This work was completed in the Electron Microscope Laboratory, Department of Biology, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas 77340. Supported in part by grants from the Philosophical Society of America (JF#1012) and the National Science Foundation (GB23915). The authors are indebted to Dr. J. N. Dent for his critical evaluation of this manuscript.

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Pool, T.B., Hoage, T.R. Intranuclear and cytoplasmic annulate lamellae in grasshopper spermatocytes (Genus Melanoplus). Cell Tissue Res. 156, 475–482 (1975).

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  • Annulate lamellae
  • Spermatocytes
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