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Quantitatively determined self-incompatibility. IV. Pollination and seed set in Borago officinalis

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The outcomes of sequential double pollination, mixed double pollination and single pollination are compared. Single pollination leads to lower seed set than double pollination. Systematic differences between female genotypes are shown to be possible. It is also shown that failure to set seed is generally due to pre-zygotic maternal factors.

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Leach, C.R., Renfrey, A.C.P. & Mayo, O. Quantitatively determined self-incompatibility. IV. Pollination and seed set in Borago officinalis . Theoret. Appl. Genetics 85, 755–760 (1993).

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Key words

  • Pollination
  • Seed set
  • Pollen competition
  • Pre-zygotic factors