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Freeze-etching observations on the characteristic arrangement of intramembranous particles in the apical plasma membrane of the thyroid follicular cell in TSH-treated mice

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Thyroid glands of normal, TSH-treated and Thyradin (powdered thyroid)-treated mice were examined by means of the freeze-etching method. Intramembranous particles on the PF (= A face) face of the apical plasma membrane often form aggregates especially in TSH-treated mice. Each aggregate, about 200 nm in diameter, and consisting of 15–25 large particles, corresponds to a depression of the apical cytoplasm, and the particles sometimes form rosettes. Particle-aggregates are very rare in the apical plasma membrane of the thyroid follicular cell of the Thyradin-treated animal. In the cytoplasm just beneath the particle-aggregate no secretory granules, reabsorbed colloid droplets or other special structures are found.

From these facts, the aggregate is considered closely related to an initial site for the micropinocytosis of the luminal colloid.

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Correspondence to Dr. Hisao Fujita.

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This study was supported by a grant from the Japanese Educational Ministry

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Ishimura, K., Okamoto, H. & Fujita, H. Freeze-etching observations on the characteristic arrangement of intramembranous particles in the apical plasma membrane of the thyroid follicular cell in TSH-treated mice. Cell Tissue Res. 171, 297–303 (1976). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00224655

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Key words

  • Freeze-etching
  • Thyroid gland
  • TSH
  • Membrane particle aggregates
  • Micropinocytosis