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Mapping of RFLP and qualitative trait loci in Brassica rapa and comparison to the linkage maps of B. napus, B. oleracea, and Arabidopsis thaliana


A linkage map of restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) was constructed for oilseed, Brassica rapa, using anonymous genomic DNA and cDNA clones from Brassica and cloned genes from the crucifer Arabidopsis thaliana. We also mapped genes controlling the simply inherited traits, yellow seeds, low seed erucic acid, and pubescence. The map included 139 RFLP loci organized into ten linkage groups (LGs) and one small group covering 1785 cM. Each of the three traits mapped to a single locus on three different LGs. Many of the RFLP loci were detected with the same set of probes used to construct maps in the diploid B. oleracea and the amphidiploid B. napus. Comparisons of the linkage arrangements between the diploid species B. rapa and B. oleracea revealed six LGs with at least two loci in common. Nine of the B. rapa LGs had conserved linkage arrangements with B. napus LGs. The majority of loci in common were in the same order among the three species, although the distances between loci were largest on the B. rapa map. We also compared the genome organization between B. rapa and A. thaliana using RFLP loci detected with 12 cloned genes in the two species and found some evidence for a conservation of the linkage arrangements. This B. rapa map will be used to test for associations between segregation of RFLPs, detected by cloned genes of known function, and traits of interest.

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