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Viscosity decrease of pectin and fruit juices catalyzed by pectin lyase from Penicillium italicum in batch and continuous-flow membrane reactors

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The extracellular pectin lyase (PNL, E.C. from Penicillium italicum was utilized in batch and confined in a continuous-flow ultrafiltration membrane reactor. The enzyme catalyzed the decrease in viscosity of pectin solutions at pH 6.0 as well as of different fruit juices at their respective pH. PNL decreased the viscosity of pectin solutions in the membrane (60% after 30 min) more than in the batch (46% after 70 min) reactors, but similar viscosity reduction of fruit juices was achieved in both reactors. The enzyme decreased the viscosity of grape, peach and melon juices to different extents, but failed to do so with apple or pear juices. It can be concluded that the utilization of PNL in a membrane reactor appears of interest for the clarification of fruit juices.

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Alkorta, I., Garbisu, C., Llama, M.J. et al. Viscosity decrease of pectin and fruit juices catalyzed by pectin lyase from Penicillium italicum in batch and continuous-flow membrane reactors. Biotechnol Tech 9, 95–100 (1995).

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