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Inheritance of some Mendelian factors in intra- and interspecific crosses between Setaria italica and Setaria viridis


The inheritance of seed coat color, pericarp color, polyphenoloxidase activity and bristle, glume, collar, and leaf-base anthocyanic colorations was investigated using intra- and interspecific crosses between Setaria italica and S. viridis. The results were compared to inheritance results obtained by previous authors. In most cases, the inheritance is simple (one or two loci) and data from different crosses (intra- and interspecific) and from different authors can be compared. Two sets of two characters were found to share common loci: the polyphenoloxidase locus is one of the loci responsible for seed coat color, and bristle and glume color are determined by the same two loci. The evolutionary significance of these results is discussed.

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