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A comparative study of the mitochondrial genome organization in in vitro cultures of diploid, tetraploid, and hexaploid Triticum species


Southern-blot hybridizations of total DNA to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) probes were used to investigate the extent of mtDNA variability in cultures derived from immature embryos of diploid (Triticum monococcum, genomic formula: AA, T. tauschii, genomic formula: DD), allotetraploid (T. durum cv “Creso”, genomic formula: AABB), and allohexaploid (T. aestivum, genomic formula: AABBDD) wheat species. Similar distinct changes in mtDNA organization were observed in in vitro cultures of the derived tetraploid and the hexaploid species with related genomes. The tetraploid and hexaploid species share the B genome and mtDNA variability in in vitro culture is known to be under nuclear control. These results suggest that a study of B genome diploids and other polyploid combinations would now shed light on whether or not mtDNA variability in tissue cultures is under B-genome control.

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