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Genetic linkage map of rye (Secale cereale L.)

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Aat syn Got:

Aspartate aminotransferase




Acid phosphatase

Adh syn Aadh:

Alcohol dehydrogenase/aromatic alcohol dehydrogenase


Adenylate kinase isomerase

al syn el:

Absent ligule


Alkine phosphatase


Aluminium tolerance

Amp syn Lap:





Amylase inhibitor




Anthocyaninless leaf base


Anthocyanin (green seeds)

An 3,4,6a:

Anthocyanin (purple seeds)


Anthocyanin (purple leaf base)


Antinutritive component

I(as) syn Si syn Asi:

α-amylase/subtilisin inhibitor


Asynaptic chromosome pairing



Be syn firm:

Brittle ear


Brown glumes


Bent lowest internode


Brittle stem

bs syn br:

Branched stem




Carnal bunt resistance


Copper efficiency




Homoeologous pairing promotor


Homoeologous pairing supressor


Resistance to Heterodera avenae


Short straw mutant (compact spike)


Terminal DNA sequence, terminal locus probe DNA clone pSchet


Dominant dwarf

De syn N:

Dark ear




Resistance to Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko)

dr syn sr:

Secondary root system defective






Early ripening




Major endosperm trypsin inhibitor


Fusarium resistance


Fine stripe




Gibberellic acid insensitivity




Green bug resistance


Grass dwarfness


Glutamate dehydrogenase




Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

Gpi syn Pgi:

Glucose phosphate isomerase


Grassy plant habit

Ha syn Hp syn Hs:

Hairy leaf sheath/peduncle


Hessian fly resistance

Hg syn V:

Hairy glume


3-hydroxymugineic acid synthetase


Iodine binding factor


Leafy awn


Lactate dehydrogenase


Light-green leaf color


Leaf rust resistance

lu syn cl:





Malic enzyme


Mugineic acid synthetase


Malate dehydrogenase


Manganese efficiency


Monstrous growth habit


Male sterility




Neocentric activity


NADH dehydrogenase


Hybrid necrosis


Nucleolar organizer region


Onion accrected leaves




Purple culm


Perennial growth habit




6-Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase




Powdery mildew resistance


55-k-seed protein




Purple seeds


Reed growth habit


Reduced ear


Red grain


Male sterility restorer




Round grain


Red rachis


Reduced seed set

S syn Z:







Shikimate dehydrogenase

sl syn sp:

Spreading leaf


Superoxide dismutase

Sp syn Vnr:

Spring growth habit


Stem rust resistance


Salt-soluble protein


Disturbed tetrade formation


Tulip growth habit






Triose phosphate isomerase







vi syn vt:



Waxless plant

wg syn es:

Waxless glume




White glume


Wheat streak mosaic virus resistance


Water-soluble proteins




DNA clone p3NTR, function: untranslated region of Adh1A


number: 1


cDNA clone of wheat gene α-Amy1 (AMY-46)


cDNA clone of wheat gene α-Amy2 (AMY-4848)


cDNA clone of wheat gene α-Amy (AMY-33)


cDNA clone pc βc51 of barley


DNA clones


DNA clone p1015, function: early-methionine-labelled polypeptide, copy number: 3


cDNA clone pGC19, function: bZIP protein




DNA clone pTag544, function: low-molecular-weight glutenin, copy number: 1


DNA clones

Xksu8, 26a:

gDNA clones


DNA clone PNVRI, function: lectin, copy number: 4


DNA clone pTA71, function: ribosomal DNA, copy number: multiple


DNA clone P7, function: chloroplast phosphoglycerate kinase, copy number: 1


DNA clone PPDK4, function: pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase, copy number: 1


cDNA clones, copy number: 1


gDNA clones, copy number: 1


DNA clone pTag1436, function: gammagliadin, copy number: 3


DNA clone pTag1290, function: high-molecular-weight glutenin, copy number: 2


DNA clone


Yellow rust resistance


Yellow stripe


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