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Organ/tissue-specific changes in the mitochondrial genome organization of in-vitro cultures derived from different explants of a single wheat variety

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We have previously shown that the mitochondrial genome of long-term tissue cultures prepared from immature embryos of several varieties of cultivated wheat underwent variety-specific rearrangements resulting from either changes in the relative amounts of subgenomic components or from the appearance of novel genomic configurations. In the present work, both categories of rearrangements were studied in long-term tissue cultures initiated from other explants (shoot meristem, young leaf base, young root tip, immature inflorescence) of the same wheat variety (Chinese Spring) and were compared to those previously obtained with immature embryo cultures. Two main patterns of reorganization were found in a region of the mitochondrial genome known to be hypervariable in structure. In addition, some of the novel subgenomic configurations were obviously organ/tissue-specific whereas others were present in more than one type of organ. In several instances, the age of culture was found to determine the degree of mitochondrial DNA rearrangement. The data presented in this study strengthen the hypothesis of an association between a particular organization of the mitochondrial genome in tissue culture and its regeneration capacity.

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