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Nuclear magnetic resonance of 7Li and 23Na in zektzerite, NaLiZrSi6O15

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The electric field gradient (EFG) tensors of 7Li and 23Na in a zektzerite, NaLiZrSi6O15 single crystal have been determined by the nuclear magnetic resonance technique. The quadrupole coupling constants, e2qQ/h and the asymmetry parameters, η, for 7Li are 119 ± 5 kHz, 0.05 and for 23Na 2.42 ± 0.15 MHz, 0.86 respectively. In both cases, the EFG tensors show the two-fold site-symmetries at the Li- and Na-sites. For 7Li, the magnitude of the quadrupole coupling constant and the principal axis of the EFG tensor reflect the large angular distortion of the [LiO4] tetrahedron. The large quadrupole coupling constant of 23Na indicates a high degree of distortion of the Na coordination polyhedron.

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